Revised 11/05


1.1 All participating companies shall be current MCIRA Members.

1.2 MCIRA member companies can only combine if:

a.      Neither MCIRA member company has a team already participating in

the league.

b.  A maximum of two MCIRA companies can only combine to make a team.

1) Separate rosters are required.

2)      Each roster must be signed by each company's personnel dept. or


1.3 Rosters are required:

a.  At any time during the first 9 weeks of the season a team may add players to there

roster.  For this purpose a "Roster Addition Participation Waiver Form" was provided.

b. To fulfill the obligations of the "Team Roster Participation Form/Roster Addition

Participation Waiver Form" each team captain must:

1.  Witness that each player has read the waiver in its entirety.

2.      Witness that each player has signed the form directly across from his/her

printed/typed name.

3.      IMPORTANT:  In the presence of a notary public each team captain must

indicate his/her company, print name and sign the form.

4.      The notary public must include the date, month and year of which he/she

witnessed the fulfillment of the "Team Roster Participation Waive Form/Roster

Addition Participation Waiver Form."  The notary is to also include his/her

signature and official seal.

5.      Each team waiver is to be signed by the personnel department or MCIRA

Company Rep.


1.4 A Participant Waiver form must be on file at the MCIRA office for an individual to be

eligible to play.



2.1 Employees must be continuously employed by the MCIRA member company for the

complete volleyball season (including any playoffs) for a minimum of 20 hours per week.


2.2  Ineligible Players

a.  No "Contractors" or "Suppliers" in any company are eligible to compete in any league.

games.  This includes any MCIRA league suspended players.

b.  Any player who, during the course of the season, is no longer employed by the company.

(i.e. permanent layoff, termination)

c.  If a team were found guilty of using an ineligible player/players, that team would thus forfeit

that particular game.  That team would also lose all rights for any playoffs and/or

divisional trophies.

d.  A player who fails to comply with the MCIRA participant waiver requirements.

e.  Any player who fails to comply with rule 4.13 and  4.19 #5.


2.3 The minimum age requirement to participate in MCIRA Volleyball is 18 years of age.


2.4 Players may only play on the team they originally join.


3.1 Standings are computed on the best win/loss record.  Standings will be available on MCIRA’s web site.  MCIRA’s web site address is .  Updated standings will be posted on the web site daily, provided the PowerZone forwards results to MCIRA promptly.



3.2 League Championship: The championship in all divisions is determined by the best win/loss

record during the regular season.

a.  In the event of a two or more way tie for 1st place, the best win/loss record between

the tied teams during the regular season will determine the champion.

b.  The League Director shall rule on any additional tie breaking possibilities.


3.3 Awards:

a.)  The overall play-off championship team will receive a team trophy and a max. of 12

individual awards.

b.)  The overall play-off runner-up team will receive a team trophy.



4.1  The facility requires:

1. There are no smoking and/or alcohol.

2.  No dark sole shoes!!

3.  No food on the court.

4.  Only plastic resealable bottles allowed on the court.

5.  Everyone must check-in at the front desk.

Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Coaches, players and spectators are  included.


4.2 All matches shall be played on the date and time scheduled.  Matches must be concluded

within one hours time.

A.)     In the event a match is in game three and the match is not  completed within the hours

time the team winning game three by two points at the time will be declared the winner of

game three.  If, one team is not winning by a margin of two points, game three will be

stopped and the two teams will split the point for game three.


4.3 League matches are scheduled on the hour.  Teams should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes

prior to there scheduled game time.  Teams will be permitted a maximum of 5 minutes for

warm-up time.   note:  Every night there are court reservations after the MCIRA league.

Therefore, it is imperative that all MCIRA early league matches start promptly

so that our 2nd or 3rd court hour matches are not limited too less than 1 hour playing time.


4.4 Practice equipment provided by teams.  Game equipment provided by league.

4.5 Officials assigned to all matches.


4.6 Snow-Outs: In the event of a possible snow cancellation, team managers are REQUIRED to

call the MCIRA office after 1 p.m.  The number is 908-362-7005.


4.7 All teams will be required to play during a company strike.


4.8 Forfeits

a.  Any team forfeiting two matches without notifying MCIRA in advance (prior to 3:00

p.m.) will automatically be dropped from the league.  Even with proper notice, any

team who forfeits three regular season games will also be dropped from the league.

b.   Four player minimum for a legal match; forfeit of game otherwise.

c.   Any team arriving 10 minutes late (determined by the official) would forfeit the first

game of the match.  Any team arriving 20 minutes late will forfeit the match.


4.9      All matches are three (3) games; one point per game. Games 1 and 2 will be played as two

15 point games.  The cap on a 15 point game is 17.  Game 3 will be played as a 25 point

rally game.  The first team to 25 wins the match.

(Also see Rule 4.2A & Playoffs)


4.10 USAV Rules will govern league play.


4.10  There are two options to the MCIRA substitution rule.  Option #1:  A player starting the game

may be replaced by a substitute and may subsequently reenter the game, but only in his/her

original position in the serving order in relation to his/her other teammates.  Substitutions may

also reenter the game but only for the starter he/she originally replaced.

Option #2: Loop Service Substitution.  On rotation the front right position

player comes out of the game and a bench player substitutes in to serve and then remains in

the game.  Traditional USAV substitutions may not be used when LOOP SERVICE

SUBSTITUTION is in effect.  Order of substitutes must be consistent throughout the game and

on each rotation.

Note: In each game a team must stay consistent with either Option#1 or Option #2 throughout

the course of the game.  In a match a team may use either Option #1 or #2 in either games 1, 2, or 3.


4.12 Protest: In order to file a legal protest, a team must immediately indicate his/her intent to

the referee and opposing team manager. NOTE:  All interested shall take notice of the

conditions surrounding the making of the protest which will aid in the correct

determination of the issue.  The next step would be to submit the protest in writing to the

MCIRA office within 48 hours of the altercation.  All protests must be accompanied with a

$20.00 protest fee.  The protest fee will be returned in the mail if the protest is upheld.


4.13        Jewelry:  No one will be permitted to wear any type of jewelry other than flat rings during a

MCIRA match.

4.14 Any player under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to participate in

any match.  The discretion of the official present will prevail.

4.15 It is the responsibility of each captain to notify his/her team of the rules and regulations

which govern play.



4.16  Play-off Qualifiers:

Every team who participates in volleyball will qualify for the playoffs.  Play-off games

are scheduled by the League Director.

4.17 All play-off matches will be the best two out of three EXCEPT the league semi-finals

and finals.  These matches will be the best three out of five.

4.18 In order for a player to be eligible for the playoffs, he/she must actively participate in at

least three regular season matches.


4.19 It is essential that all teams participating in MCIRA Volleyball adhere to the following:

1.  Alcoholic Beverages will not be permitted on property.  This includes spectators as well as players.

2.  No Smoking permitted. This includes spectators as well as players.

3.  No Food or drinks will be permitted on the court.  This includes spectators as well as players.

4.  Use only the authorized entrances and exits.

5.   No hard sole shoes, No black sole sneakers, or No running sneakers while on the courts.

This includes all spectators as well as players.

7.   While utilizing the volleyball courts, locker rooms and lavatories conduct yourself accordingly.

8.      Players and spectators must honor the directions given by the game referee's and the club's

personnel on duty.

9.   Also see regulation 4.1

10. All MCIRA volleyball players upon arrival at the PowerZone must first sign in at the desk.


Violation of any of the prior mentioned rules would result in the following:

1.  Forfeiture of the game being played.

2.  Dismissal from the MCIRA League.

3.  Sponsoring company subject to dollar damage liability.

4.  Loss of facilities.





East/West:  Take exit for Denville Rt. 46.  See Rt. 46 East.


Rt. 46 East:  Take exit for Rt. 53 South.  Turn right at end of ramp.  Go 1/2 mile and turn left onto Luger Rd. at the Shell station.


Rt. 46 West:  Take 1st Denville exit (Banzai Steak House).  Go left at fork in the road.  Turn left at the light onto Rt. 53S.  Go approx.. 1/2 mile and turn left at Shell station onto Luger Rd.


Rt. 53 North:  Take first right after Second Half Restaurant onto Luger Rd.


Luger Rd:  Go to the end of Luger Rd..  Go counter clockwise around the building.  PowerZone is the end unit.