General Information

All qualifying teams must communicate tee times. Due to the availability of daylight, it is imperative to arrange tee times as EARLY as possible.


Rules and Regulations

1.       Qualifiers: The final standings top five teams in each Division (total 10 teams).

2.       Regular Season Tie Breakers: In case of a tie for any position in the play-offs, the following criteria will be used to break the tie:

a)       Head to Head competition results: match winner will receive the higher seed. If the tied teams did not meet during the regular season the league office will decide the seeding.

b)       If, Head to Head match was a tie; the team low gross score in their match will be the deciding factor. Note: if the tied match contained a forfeit, the team with the most players at the match will receive the higher seed.

c)       If still tied, a coin toss will determine your seeding in the play-offs.

(Exception: In case of a tie for 1st place and the criteria noted in items a and b above, a match will be scheduled by the league office to determine the regular season champion.)

3.       Scheduling: The league office will schedule the dates for all playoff matches. These                    official dates will not be announced until the conclusion of regular season play.

4.       Rules: The regular season rules will apply to all play-off matches unless otherwise specified in the SPECIAL PLAY-OFF RULES listed below.


a)       All matches must be played on the scheduled date. Failure to do so will result in          

elimination, No exceptions. ALL 9 holes must be completed.

b)       ELIGIBILITY: In order for a golfer to represent his/her team in the play-offs, he/she

       must have played a minimum of 2 matches during the regular season for THAT  

       Team…NO CROSSOVERS. Note: In the event a golfer played two rounds but only one

        versus an opponent (official times played) that golfer will be eligible for the play-offs.

       TABLE golfers will not be eligible. In the event a golfer is used in the play-offs that does   

      not have an established handicap due to not having enough “Official Rounds”; the league will assign a handicap based on the scores reported in non competitive rounds.

c)       HANDICAPS: Handicaps WILL change in the play-offs. Companies with more than one team in the league may only use golfers for the team that they have played at least 2 times for during the regular season. (see play-off eligible golfer’s list)

d)       LINE UPS: The following must be adhered to in the play-offs:


i) The lower seeded team must set the lineup first; therefore, the higher seeded team will set the lineup last.  (Ex. - 1st Place versus 5th Place1st Place sets the lineup last. Every attempt must be made to match handicaps as CLOSE as possible.  However, a single forfeit will be in the "D" position, two forfeits would be the "C" & "D" position

 ii) The first foursome will consist of the two lowest handicaps on each team (A vs. A & B

       vs. B) and the second foursome will consist of the two highest handicaps (C vs. C & D


       vs. D)

e)   SCORING:  During the Play-offs ALL strokes count and MUST  be taken. The Double Par Rule does not apply.

f)         PLAY-OFF MATCH TIE BREAKERS: In the event of a tie in any play-off match between two teams with ALL golfers present, the first tie breaking criteria will be best LOW MEDAL combined score between the competing teams. The second criteria will be based on match points, with the team winning the most holes declared the winner. If a tie still exists, another match will be played.  If a tie occurs and one team forfeited any portion of the match, the team with ALL golfers present will be considered the winner.

g)       AWARDS: A team plaque will be presented to the play-off champion and the runner up. The championship team will be eligible for a maximum of 6 individual plaques OR shirts.

5.       SEEDINGS: (see play-off chart)



Note from the League

The eligibility Rule is a bit low (2 official times played) to address the teams that have extremely large rosters and are required to spread playing time. It is my intent to make as many league players as possible eligible. However, NO GOLFER will be allowed to play off the TABLE in the play-offs. To address this potential problem, I will determine a handicap for use in the play-offs from scores turned in when a golfer showed up but received a forfeit.





MCIRA regular season Rules reads as follows:


Changing ball only permitted on the putting green, once, on any hole. Winter rules apply in the fairway being played…Not the adjoining fairway or rough.


Please note the USGA Rules of Golf indicates that there is NO established code for "Winter Rules" By rule noted above MCIRA means the following:


A ball lying on a "fairway" may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty, and placed within one club-length of where it originally lay, not nearer the hole, and so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play from the original lie.  A ball so lifted is back in play when the player addresses it or, if he/she does not address it, when he/she makes his/her next stroke at it.


CAPTAINS PLEASE REMEMBER, every rule creates a different set of problems and your cooperation is needed to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Good Luck and Have Fun!