MCIRA is now accepting team registrations for the MCIRA Indoor Soccer League!  This indoor season there will be two separate sessions (Fall and Winter).  Teams can register for one session or both sessions!  Teams who register for both seasons will receive a discount on the registration fee.  Important:  Both indoor seasons will be offered on a first come-first serve basis.  There will be a limit to the number of teams that will be accepted into both indoor seasons.  Please complete the registration form below and return it to the MCIRA Office on or prior to October 3, 2008.   Note:  No team will be officially accepted into the Fall or Winter session without paying the entry fee.   This requirement will be strictly enforced.


Also attached is the Roster/Waiver form that must be completed, notarized, and forwarded along with your registration form and entry fee. If you need assistance, please call the MCIRA Office at 908-362-7005.  Important:  Please call or email the MCIRA Office immediately if your company plans on fielding a team(s).  Facility space is at a premium! 


Entry Fees: $1100 per team per Fall or Winter session.

Teams who wish to sign up for both sessions pay $1050 per session or a total of $2100.

Note:  There will be an additional $100.00 fee charged for registration fees that are not received before the start of the season.


Registration Deadline: October 3, 2008 or until each league reaches maximum capacity!  Register early to secure a spot!  Note: No team will be allowed to participate in the Winter session unless their company is an active member for 2009.  Also, Team Registration fee and form, along with a team roster waiver form.   The registration fee includes court rental, referees, and team awards.  Checks should be made payable to: MCIRA, Inc. 


League Play    Five players plus a keeper will be required per team for each night of play.  All matches will start promptly as scheduled.  Teams should arrive early and be ready to play when scheduled.   Each session will consist of 8 league matches. 


Nights of Play:  Mondays and Tuesdays.  The Fall session starts on October 27 & 28.  Winter session will start on or about the first week in January 2009.   No games will be played the last 2 weeks in December.


Time of Play:     Mondays and Tuesdays.  6:00pm thru 9:00pm, Equipment Requirements   All players must wear official indoor shoes!!!  All players must also wear shin guards.  There will be no exceptions to these two rules.  Company shirts with numbers will be required.


Rosters   Teams generally carry a roster of approx. 10 players.  However, there is no limit to the number of players on a roster.

                       Facility                         Tentative Start Dates                           Playing Field

Kozak Sports (Randolph area)            October 28th Fall and Winter January 6th                               approx. 65’ wide x 96 length

                Sports Factory (Lincoln Park area)         October 27th Fall and Winter January 5th                                 approx. 60’ wide x 105 length

Indoor Sports (Randolph area)                             to be determined                                                      approx. 65’ wide x 100 length


Team Registration Form (Please Print)

COMPANY___________________________    CAPTAIN________________________________________


ADDRESS ___________________________     PHONE ________________FAX_____________________


_____________________________________   EMAIL__________________________________________


CAPTAIN _____________________________   PHONE________________ EMAIL___________________


My team would like to sign up for the:  Fall session ______   Winter session_______

Note:   The Fall session must first reach capacity before teams would be accepted into the Winter session.


My company team understands that there will be Monday and Tuesday league play. My team further understands that they must wear shin guards and indoor turf shoes.  Authorization:  I will be entering a team in the MCIRA Indoor Soccer League. I understand the Entry Fee is owed to MCIRA and I have my company’s (employer’s) authorization to enter this/these team(s).  This is a binding contract.


Authorized Signature______________________________Position__________________________Date__________________

MCIRA, Inc.  1007 State Rt. 94, Blairstown, NJ  07825

Phone:  908-362-7005     Fax:  908-362-7018   web site:  www.mcira.com