2013 MCIRA Winter Indoor Soccer League   
Day Date Facility Time A   vs   B Field
Thursday 24-Jan-13 Kozak 6:00pm ADP 6 vs 0 Dicar 2A
Thursday 24-Jan-13 Kozak 7:00pm Wyndham L vs W Solix 2A
Thursday 24-Jan-13 Kozak 8:00pm Novartis 13 vs 8 NY Life 2A
Thursday 24-Jan-13 Kozak 9:00pm PwC 8 vs 11 Mondelez 2A
Day   Facility Time            
Thursday 31-Jan-13 Kozak 6:00pm LBG 1 vs 2 NY Life 2A
Thursday 31-Jan-13 Kozak 7:00pm BASF 0 vs 5 Mondelez 2A
Thursday 31-Jan-13 Kozak 8:00pm Wyndham 5 vs 5 ADP 2A
Thursday 31-Jan-13 Kozak 9:00pm ASCO 2 vs 15 Dicar 2A
Day   Facility              
Thursday 7-Feb-13 Kozak 6:00pm BASF 6 vs 5 PwC 2A
Thursday 7-Feb-13 Kozak 7:00pm ADP 8 vs 2 ASCO 2A
Thursday 7-Feb-13 Kozak 8:00pm Dicar 2 vs 6 Solix 2A
Thursday 7-Feb-13 Kozak 9:00pm Novartis 15 vs 5 LBG 2A
Day   Facility              
Thursday 14-Feb-13 Kozak 6:00pm ASCO W vs L Wyndham 2A
Thursday 14-Feb-13 Kozak 7:00pm NY Life 6 vs 2 PwC 2A
Thursday 14-Feb-13 Kozak 8:00pm Mondelez 12 vs 5 LBG 2A
Thursday 14-Feb-13 Kozak 9:00pm Solix 4 vs 9 ADP 2A
Day   Facility              
Thursday 21-Feb-13 Kozak 6:00pm Novartis 10 vs 8 Mondelez 2A
Thursday 21-Feb-13 Kozak 7:00pm Dicar 7 vs 2 Wyndham 2A
Thursday 21-Feb-13 Kozak 8:00pm Solix 18 vs 4 ASCO 2A
Thursday 21-Feb-13 Kozak 9:00pm NY Life 11 vs 3 BASF 2A
Day   Facility              
Thursday 28-Feb-13 Kozak 6:00pm Dicar 3 vs 6 ADP 2A
Thursday 28-Feb-13 Kozak 7:00pm Novartis 11 vs 3 BASF 2A
Thursday 28-Feb-13 Kozak 8:00pm PwC 8 vs 3 LBG 2A
Thursday 28-Feb-13 Kozak 9:00pm Solix W vs L Wyndham 2A
Day   Facility              
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm Mondelez 7 vs 2 NY Life 2A
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm Novartis 9 vs 4 PwC 2B
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm LBG 4 vs 5 BASF 2A
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm ADP W vs L Wyndham 2B
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 8:00pm Mondelez 4 vs 3 PwC 2A
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 8:00pm NY Life 3 vs 9 Novartis 2B
Thursday 7-Mar-13 Kozak 9:00pm Dicar 8 vs 3 ASCO 2A
Page 1                  
Day   Facility              
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm Solix 3 vs 4 Dicar 2A
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm Wyndham 9 vs 0 ASCO 2B
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm NY Life 8 vs 5 LBG 2A
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm Mondelez 17 vs 2 BASF 2B
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 8:00pm ASCO 4 vs 9 ADP 2A
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 8:00pm BASF 7 vs 2 LBG 2B
Thursday 14-Mar-13 Kozak 9:00pm PwC 5 vs 2 Novartis 2A
Day   Facility              
Thursday 21-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm ASCO 1 vs 12 Solix 2A
Thursday 21-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm LBG 0 vs 7 Novartis 2B
Thursday 21-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm NY Life 4 vs 5 Mondelez 2A
Thursday 21-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm Wyndham 4 vs 6 Dicar 2B
Thursday 21-Mar-13 Kozak 8:00pm PwC 9 vs 9 BASF 2A
Thursday 21-Mar-13 Kozak 8:00pm ADP 2 vs 5 Solix 2B
Day   Facility              
        Playoff       Schedule  
Thursday 28-Mar-13 Kozak 6:00pm north 1st ADP    2 vs 5 south 2nd Mondelez   2A         game 1
Thursday 28-Mar-13 Kozak 7:00pm south 1st Novartis   3 vs 0 north 2nd Solix    2A         game 2
Thursday 28-Mar-13 Kozak 8:30pm Mondelez    5 vs 11 Novartis     2A         game 3
Page 2 Winter Champion     Novartis
Second named team is the home team.  
All scheduled matches will be final and binding for all parties involved.