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2019 Men's Softball Champions

Cohn Reznick


Front Row (L-R): Mike Mitchell, Mat Goldman, Daniel Davitt,

Gordon Ruffing, Myles Sepulveda.

Back Row (L-R): Rob Peccerillo, Anthony Giacomelli, Daniel Valenti,

Mike O'Donnell, Bill Genao, Michael Coviello.

Not Pictured: Christian Fairbourne, Brett Winder.



2019 Men's Softball Playoffs

2019 Softball Schedule & Scores

2019 Softball Standings




2018 Men's Softball Champions

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Front Row (L-R): Kyle Annese, Jamie Philippi, Dan Pozo,

Tim Zimmerman, Tom Worgul.

Back Row (L-R): Julio Valdes, Chris McGovern, Alvin Eng,

Jason Timpanaro, Nick Meyers, Brian Valiquette.

Not Pictured: Steve Kanoc, Ryan Ziegler, Pat Snajder, Enrique Gomez,

Giancarlo Herrera, Juan Mejia, Alex Nazario.



2018 Men's Softball Playoffs

2018 Softball Schedule & Scores

2018 Softball Standings




2017 Men's Softball Champs

Siemens Building Technologies

2017 Men's Softball Playoffs

2017 Softball Schedule & Scores

2017 Softball Standings



2016 Men's Softball Champions

Hennion & Walsh, Inc.

Back Row (L-R): Brian Rieman, Kyle Joyce, Dan Pierce, Sean McElduff, Pat Stanton, Chris Ryan. Front Row (L-R): Frank Imbriaco, Anthony Blasi, Kevin Shipley, Dave Dubois, and Rich Hveem.  


2016 Men's Softball Playoffs

2016 Master Schedule & Scores

2016 Softball Standings (Men & Coed)

Important Information

2015 Men's Softball Champs



Top row, L-R: Charles Danza, Mike Sette, Rob Manisero, Rob Rosati,

Dan Piasecki, Bill Naughton, Mike Guglielmi

Bottom row, L-R: Guy Miller, Tim Divers, Chris Lucarelli,

Vince Greenberg, Doug McOwen, Albert Falzarano

Not pictured: Joe Borzio, Matt Santanello, Elvis Cabrera,

Eric Diefenderfer, Alex Guidice, Shirin Patel



(formerly REMN)

2014 Men's Softball Champions


Front Row: John Passano, Jonathan McKelvey, Joe Grasso, Chris Gnida, Mickey Ballantine, Garth Smalley. Back Row: Scott Nelson, Mike Colando, John D'Andrea, Dave Mackey, Nick Turchi, Doug Cernek, Will Cifuentes. Not pictured: Tyler Pisano, and Mark O'Sullivan

Our Past Champions
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2013 Men's Softball Champions



Game 1: H&W #1 wins 15 - 9

Game2: REMN wins 24 - 22

Game 3: REMN wins 33 - 18





(Kneeling left to right) Joseph Grasso, Robert Manns, Garth Smalley, Nick Turchi, and Chris Gnida. (Standing left to right) David Mackey, Tyler Pisano, Michael Tuman, Michael Colando, John Passano, Mickey Ballantine, Doug Cernek, and Scott Nelson. (Not Pictured) Jonathan McKelvey.




2012 Men's Softball Champions

Hennion & Walsh


(Left to Right): Brian Rieman, Kevin Shipley, Dan Drollinger, David Dubois, Chris Ryan, Rich Hveem (Captain), Pat Stanton, Frank Imbriaco, Dan Pierce (BU Capt.), Ray Ebbighausen, and Sean McElduff.



2012 Men's Playoffs

2012 Softball Schedule & Scores

2012 Softball Standings


2011 Men's Playoffs


2011 Men's Champions

Novartis #1 edged Hennion & Walsh #1 two games to one to win the Championship.


Novartis #1

Brad "Caveman" Schmieder, Brooks "cc" Stansfield, Chris "Pipes" DeBenedetto, Chris "Poppa" Honer, Corey "Tree" Schmidt, David "DJ" Hanna, Jeff "Sudsy" Conover, Julian "Jules" Drayer, Kevin "Hazmat" Readie, Nelson "Cat" Morales, Stan "Wiz" Wisniewski, Thad "Mississippi" Sharp, and Tom "Machine Gun" Kelly.



2010 Men's Champions

In what is being called the most competitive championship series in the history of MCIRA, REMN defeated defending champs, Novartis 2 games to 1. The series featured 3 one run games, 2 extra inning games and 2 walk off wins for REMN. Game 1 went to REMN 16-15 in 9 innings, game 2 evened things up with a 13-12 Novartis win, game 3 was decided in 8 innings when REMN scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th to win 18-17.

Congratulations to BOTH teams for their GREAT season.


2010 Men's Champions


Kneeling left to right: Mike Colando, Scott Nelson, Doug Cernek, Garth Smalley and Dave Mackey.. Back Row left to right: Dan Hendershot, Dennis McAvoy, Mickey Ballantine, Chris Gnida, Nick Turchi (Captain), John Passano, and Jon McKelvey.


2010 Men's Playoffs

2010 Softball Master Schedule & Scores

2010 Softball Men's Standings

2009 Men's Softball Standings

2009 Softball Games & Results

2009 Men's Playoff Bracket



2009 Men's Champions



Patton Boggs

2008 Men's Champions

Left to right kneeling : Andrew Craig, Jonathan Byrne, William Laufer, Chris DiMuro (Team Captain), and Robert McEnroe. Left to right standing: Robert "Champagne" Sierra, Kent Schwarz, Michael Cirillo, Dan Conway, Richard Crooker, Scott Napolitano, John Murphy, and Matt "Mr. Clean" Delaney.

2008 Men's Playoff Bracket

2008 Softball Information



Standing from left: Kevin “Hazmat” Readie, Coach Jeff “ Sudsy” Conover, Chris “ Poppa” Honer, Brooks “cc” Stansfield, Thad “Stretch” Sharp, Brad “Caveman” Schmieder, Corey “Tree” Schmidt, Stan “Wiz” Wisniewski, statistician Jennifer Barry. Kneeling from left: Julian “Jules” Drayer, Rich “Psycho” Gehring, Frank “Elbow” Darling, Chris “Pipes” DeBenedetto, Nelson “Cat” Morales, Tom “Machine Gun” Kelly. Not pictured: James “Chatty” Logan.


Third Game Thriller ends the MENS CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF!

All sports require submission of a notarized Participant/Roster Waiver Statement

2007 Mens Standings

2007 Softball Scores

2007 Mens Playoffs

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