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2019 Softball Schedule & Scores

2019 Softball Standings



2018 Coed Softball Champions

NY Jets

NY Jets Team: Michele Spadavecchia, Jack Holmgren, Scott Yancek,

Tom Giulietti, Olivia Landis, Chris Orechia, Jeff Ringle, Drew Evangelista,

Jonathan Smaldon, Ted Mangione, Fred Mangione, Natasha Arena,

Larry Fitzpatrick, Tim Kemp, Lauren Nisivoccia-Krug, Chris Ubbens.



2018 Coed Softball Playoffs

2018 Softball Schedule & Scores

2018 Softball Standings



2017 Coed Champs

Wiss & Company

Pictured Above

Bottom Row (L-R): Mike Suserman, Chris Gati, Taylor Strickland,

Amanda Neumann, Taylor Hopf

Middle: Anthony J

Top Row (L-R): Ryan Magid, Dylan D'Alessio, Jim Gerhard, Dave Clough,

Larry DiPasquale, Brandon F, Dan Higgins, Jack Tawil,

2017 Coed Softball Playoffs

2017 Softball Schedule & Scores

2017 Softball Standings

2016 Coed Champs

Atlantic Health

5th Straight !!!

Top row (L to R)- Laura Manzi, Dani Weber, Kim Rubino, Jose Briones, Mike Cerick, Francisco Silva, Afraz Aali, Gary Barber, Neil Smith, Middle row(L-R) Frank Asbaty(co-captain) Allie Goldyn, Bottom row (L-R) Aaron Smith, Dawn Smith, Tony Johnson. 

Missing from picture- Gaylord Barber(co-captain) Nelson Miralles, Marlene Egan


2016 Coed Softball Playoffs

2016 Softball Schedule & Scores

2016 Softball Standings (Coed & Men)


Atlantic Health

...4 in a row!

(Top row L-R): Frank Asbaty (Co-Captain), Alana Elliwat, Dani Weber, Nicole RavetierAfraz Ali, Gary Barber, Neil Smith, Jose Briones, Frank Silva. (Bottom row L-R): Dawn Smith, Amanda Miele, Aron Smith, Tony Johnson, Allie Goldyn. Missing from picture: Gaylord Barber (Co-Captain), Marci Handler, Laura Manzi, Kyle Knef and Mike Cerick.


Atlantic Health 3 Peats!

Top Row: Danielle Pace, Afraz Ali, Mike Sterling, Co Captain, Mike Cerick, Gary Barber, Gaylord Barber, Frank Silva, Allie Goldyn, Jose Briones, Angela Follmer, Laura Knef, Alana Elliwat, Neil Smith.

Bottom Row: Dan Pyo, Frank Asbaty, Tony Johnson, Aaron Smith, Dawn Smith. Missing from Pic: Co-Captain Emily Shumski, and Al Manzi

Atlantic Health


2nd Straight Title!

Game 1: Atlantic Health wins 17-2

Game 2: Atlantic Health sweeps 15-3



Champs Edge NY Jets 2 games to 1.




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